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Born in Taiwan, 1951.
BS in Oceanography, National Taiwan Oceanic University, 1973.
MS in Coastal Engineering, University Of Florida at Gainesville 1978.
M.S. Thesis: "Design of Linear Wave-Gage Arrays for Directional Spectra of Ocean Waves"
Ph.D. in Engineering, Dept. of Civil Engineering, University Of California at Berkeley, 1982.
Ph.D. Thesis: "Excitation of Edge Waves"
Professional mechanical Engineer (PE) , registered in the State of Florida, 1985.
> Taught Physics and Fluid mechanics in Tan-Nan Junior College, Taiwan, 1975-1976
> Taught Ocean Wave Mechanics, Ocean Signal Processing, Vibrations, Ocean Engineering Lab., Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Ship Theory, Advanced Hydrodynamics, Physical Oceanography at Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, 1981-1989.
> Funded Applied Science And Engineering Research, Inc. in 1987.
> Member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, since 1988.
> Expanded Research Center for Multiple, Sexual Orgasms under the new naturopathic and bioelectric research institute, The LIN Institute, 2/12/1999.

Research Interests:

1. Interactions among the statically alternating electromagnetic field, the blood flow field, and the nervous function.
2. Wave theory of sexual orgasms, bioelectric engineering of the nervous systems, and engineering mechanics of the endocrine, muscular, and cardiovacular systems for chronic pains and cramps.
3. Excitation of Sexual Orgasm in the human body; Bragg's Scattering of Orgasmic Waves by the Sternum (women) and Spinal Cord (Men).
4. Tao, physics and engineering science.
5. Wave mechanics - Radio/ocean wave interactions, Scattering and resonance of orgasmic, acoustic, elastic and water waves.
6. Doppler radar for surface wave and current measurements.
7. Sonic sensors for ranging, detection and non-destructive, and tidal and wave measurements.
8. Digital signal and image processing.
9. Reversal engineering of the brain/nervous and sex-organ functional disorders due to drug abuse, pot smoking, over-masturbation/over-ejaculation, excessive orgasm, penile pumping, penile exercises, vasectomy, prostate or urethral abrasion by corrosion seminal jets, vibrator-induced damage, penile/clitoral and vaginal damage, hormone-based birth control, vaginal enlargement, vaginal abrasion, vulva abrasion and hysterectomy.
1. "Measuring Vibrational Frequency on Vibratable Pins", US Patent #4,850,225.
2. "Method and Apparatus to Control a Beach at an Inlet and to Maintain the Inlet", US Patent #4,898,495.
3. Invented the Vacuum-Cupping Massage Method in 1993.
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